Internship - Development of Skills and Certification Follow-up Tool

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Job Description

The tool should provide the following features:

  • A central function to define, add and modify a list of valuable technical and business skills,
  • A possibility for employees to enter their personal skills, based on the predefined list of skills. An automatic communication to the employee’s manager, asking to approve or reject a person’s skill,
  • A possibility for a manager to assign an education track (including due dates) to an individual,
  • Report on education tracks in progress and when finished, and report/query on skills,
  • Warn about due dates approaching, in both the education and certification area. Communication to both the assigned person and his manager,
  • A possibility to upload certifications & print them if needed,
  • A possibility to query on certification ‘technology’,
  • An automated communication to the organization in case of certification upload.
Belgium - Vilvoorde


Development : C#, Python

Database: MySQL or other, to be chosen by intern

We offer

Benefits for the intern:

The intern will get the possibility to work in a customer driven environment where business qualifications are extremely important. The intern will help the organization to improve an internal process, leading to an important cost saving.

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