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5 business units need your skills

IRIS is organized in 5 business units. All focussed on responding to our customers needs and even anticipating them. Have a look and get to know them!


5 business units

P&TProducts & Technologies
Is it your dream to develop cutting-edge technologies?
IMSInformation Management Solutions
Ready to develop your skills in the IMS?
HTSHybrid Technology Solutions
Eager to tap into the benefits of Hybrid IT?
IOInternational Organizations
Wanting to deal with International Organizations ?
CSConsulting Services
Willing to join our team of specialized consultants?

Products & Technologies

For more than 30 years IRIS P&T engineers have been developing the IRIS software and products to guide customers into a more digital world.

What are your opportunities as an IT expert in P&T :

  • Growing in your Software Editor skills;
  • Developing & deploying technologies on the cloud;
  • Using modern, recent technologies & languages;
  • Exploring more about Machine learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, Deep convolutional; Networks, Computer Vision techniques, morphological & geometrical operation, GPUs to read and understand scanned documents;
  • Programming in C++ & python using tools such as git cmake Jenkins CUDA caffe boost eigen freetype;
  • Working on many platforms : windows, mac, linux, android, ios...

IRIS P&T division is specialized in :

  • Portable scanners
  • OCR softwares;
  • Document capture platforms for document classification and data extraction;
  • Document capture toolkits in order to make the in-house technologies available to software editors and hardware manufacturers.

Research and development are your favorite areas ?
If yes, apply to IRIS Products & Technologies.

Want to know more about our products and services ? Take a look at our websites :

visit IRIS DATA capture
visit iris online shop

Information Management Solutions

Information Management Solutions is seeking solutions to enable the optimum use of information within organizations, to help maximize business value.

IMS offers to
IT candidates :

  • A changing environment due to permanent cutting-edge technologies evolution
  • A flat and dynamic structure
  • A wide range of projects from solution development to system integration oriented ‘IM’ (Information Management) and supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Different project sizes: from small to very large. You can choose the project you like the most.
  • Trainings : internally or externally on the tools installed at the customers such as IBM, Java, etc. Juniors are trained on basic tools such as IBM DBA. Trainings on new tools are regularly proposed.

What are we offering to customers ? Organizations are challenged to improve and accelerate the transformation of their activities, competencies, processes and business models. We are providing our clients the key to success : actionable information.

Our use of an overarching solution for all information and process flows in an organization allows both structured and unstructured information to be managed properly and securely and to be presented dynamically to users, always in the context of an action or process.

We integrate the IRIS software solutions into customer projects (auto-classification based on AI with IRISXtract ; archiving and workflow optimization based on IRISNext) but also leading products such as Microsoft SharePoint.

IRIS focuses on five strategic IMS solutions: Smart Capture,Content Management,Case Management,Collaboration and Robotic Process Automation. Solutions are delivered using own technology and third party technology from IBM and Microsoft.

We do not only use Automatisation but also Robotic Processing Automation. We integrate AI tools that support not only IM (Information Management – Automation of tasks and workflow) but also RPA. The team is proud to have developed its own tool to automate the data migration.

Do you like our challenges in this technological field ?
If your answer is yes, check our job vacancies for IRIS Information Management Solutions

For more information, check :

visit IRIS IMS

Hybrid Technology Solutions

Our strategy around Hybrid IT is a Multi-Cloud approach. We propose the use of multiple Cloud computing and storage services in a single heterogeneous architecture.

At HTS, we offer to IT candidates:

  • work with legacy and hybrid technologies but also innovate to be ready for our customers future;
  • consider us as a service company helping client with infrastructure management;
  • have defined 4 focusses: managed services, infrastructure, multi cloud, data center services;
  • are leaders in areas such as AIOps, DevOps, Multi-Cloud Management, etc. We are a first mover into our market.

Our value-added to clients:
with a typical multi-cloud architecture utilizing two or more public clouds as well as multiple private clouds, a multi-cloud environment aims to eliminate the reliance on any single cloud provider.

Our claim:
"Move your IT to the cloud. regardless of the mix of cloud solutions and infrastructure that suit your needs best: from a private enterprise cloud and our own cloud to connections with public cloud partners. We are looking for the solutions you may need".

Do you share our vision of our solutions ?
If yes, join us and apply to IRIS Hybrid Technology Solutions.

For more information about services offered by HTS, check our site:

visit IRIS HTS

International Organizations

Our Business Unit IO is a dedicated entity founded in 2001 with one specific objective : to focus on delivering services and/or fixed price activities to International Organizations.

We offer to candidates
the opportunity to :

  • Work in an international, multicultural, multi-languages environment
  • Participate to the support of Europe’s economic policies
  • Work in iconic locations such as the Berlaymont building in Brussels
  • Use and learn more about cutting edge methodology
  • Receive permanent training and certifications : our consultants are trained and certified in the technologies they will work on.

With a local presence in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands, we are serving clients such as the European Commission or the European investment Bank.

Our Serving International Organizations means working with a 100% honest and client-oriented state of mind. IT is your passion, quality is your obsession and this all for the satisfaction, simplification and empowerment of the International Organizations.

Are you willing to work for strategic organizations ?
Then apply to IRIS International Organization.

All information about our IO Business unit is on this page :

visit IRIS IO

Consulting Services

IRIS Consultancy Services provides advice through the flexible deployment of highly skilled consultants with specific knowledge, to deal with any challenge or capacity problem in an organization.

Working as an IT specialist in our Consulting Services Business Units
means :

  • Acting as a dedicated consultant within a company;
  • Activating your skills, your experience and your knowledge of solutions and technologies;
  • Receiving training and coaching along your path of growth and personal development;
  • Joining a team of over 420 qualified specialists.

IRIS has been active in consulting services since 1985. We are proud of our outstanding professionals and consulting services. Their success is our clients’ success and therefore our success.

Assisting different customers on their spot as a specialist in IT technologies fits you ?
Then apply to IRIS Consulting Services.

Spontaneous application

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