Digital Transformation: Who’s in the driver’s seat?

On September 25th, 2019, more than 150 tech and ICT professionals gathered at PwC’s Crystal Park to discuss the latest digital trends, during the 7th edition of IT Days. Several local and international experts shared their knowledge and best practices on how to lead a successful digital transformation, answering to the following question: who’s actually in the driver’s seat?

Digital Transformation: Success story – IRIS Luxembourg

“The Transformation of IRIS Luxembourg in order to serve the customers of today and tomorrow” was the name of the session animated by Kevin Casoli, Country Director, IRIS Luxembourg, who stated: “Digital transformation is an amazing adventure, decision to change, decision to go for unknown experiences and it represents a huge business opportunity. Don’t forget to play otherwise you won’t transform”. He also explained that is was important to show the market that what you are providing is working, especially by proving it with your own reference. The expert then shared the roadmap of IRIS Luxembourg and its methodology: “Be simple, agile, pragmatic, realistic and… ambitious. Also be business centric!”

Source: (September 2019).