The ugly truth about GDPR

What everyone knows about GDPR: it becomes enforceable in May 2018 and the fines for non-compliance and breaches are high. But what happens in practice: organisations aren’t ready and overlook crucial aspects, also regarding Enterprise Content and Enterprise Information Management.


End-to-end GDPR approach

For companies that seek an end-to-end solution for GDPR compliance with a clear roadmap for each step, IRIS has a 3-step process that gets you covered.

It consists of the following steps:

1. An awareness stage to empower your people, the weakest link in any ECM and security project.
2. An assessment and methodology stage to detect the risks and make a plan to solve them.
3. An implementation stage: rolling out, monitoring and improving.

IRIS collaborates with specialized partners for the strategic and legal component and with vendors of solutions which are needed for the technology side.

In this end-to-end stack of partners and solutions, IRIS takes care of all your GDPR needs in regards with:

• Enterprise information / content management.
• Platforms and solutions to empower your legal team.
• Case management solutions to steer the GDPR process.
• Data and infrastructure security.

Expert GDPR solutions

Our enterprise information management offering is also available if you already have a strategic and legal partner for your GDPR compliance process.

Tackling the 4 main GDPR information management priorities:

1. Privacy by design means moving from an ‘open unless’ to a ‘closed unless’ security approach on the ECM application level. Are you ready?
2. The right of erasure requires records management and the design of retention schemes to delete personal information. Are you able?
3. Metadata are a must for GDPR and a retention scheme. Yet, users don’t like the hassle. The answer? Automatic and intelligent classification!
4. Reporting, audit trails and the right of access are about more than ECM alone. Do you know the whereabouts of all your information all the time?

IRIS has helped several companies on the road towards GDPR compliance in the information context.

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