Accelerate your entry in QuickBooks

Take your QuickBooks to the next level with IRISXtract™

Use the power of industry leading OCR to populate your documents data into QuickBooks. IRIS not only captures the data but syncs up to your QuickBooks data base. This way all of your data can be validated before posting into QuickBooks.

Our IRISXtract™ solution posts transactions almost identical to QuickBooks, except we have added more technology to enhance your experience. Transactions include Invoices/Bills, Statements, Credit Card receipts, donations and more!

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Capture for QuickBooks in a Nutshell

  • Supports Multi-Company Integration Our solution works with one or multiple company files.
  • Centralized Image Archiving Organize and archive PDFs and other documents automatically using data.
  • Bill Duplicate Detection To avoid any duplicate payments, our solutions checks the invoice number and vendor.
  • Speed up your Posts! Imagine having your transactions automatically populated/posted for you, verify them in matter of seconds.
  • Database Integration Automatically generate data from your QuickBooks company files. Our solution will identify items, invoices, vendors, expenses, customers, calculations, inventory, terms, transactions, accounts, and more using your own data.

QuickBooks Connector: Features & Benefits

  • Bill Duplicate Detection

    We check the reference number to Bills, Invoices, Credit Card Transactions to prevent any duplicate posts into your company file.

  • Text Autocomplete

    Our Autocomplete works with Class, Customer, Items and Expense fields. This way, if we do not populate the field, it is done in a matter of seconds.

  • Automatic Database Viewer

    We synchronize to every company file retrieving everything needed to identify, populate and post your transaction.

  • Inventory Detection

    Our intuitive recognition memorizes your items and can even associate items from line item descriptions.

  • Calculations

    Strong mathematical rules and logic prevents human error.

  • Image Archiving

    Automatically archive documents on to your server or any EMS, DMS, CMR and/or box account.

  • Image Archiving Path

    We can post every saved image path into each transaction. This will allow you to fond your archived documents in seconds.

  • Multi-Company Ready

    This solution works with one single or multiple company files.

  • Transaction Identification

    This solution automatically identifies bills, credit memos, credit card charges, credit card credits, checks and donations. It can even distinguish between items and expenses.

  • Line Item Ready

    Our powerful table extraction has the ability of capturing any type of table automatically.

User Interface & Resources

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