Intelligent Document Capture for Laserfiche®

Take your Laserfiche® ecm solution to the next level with IRISPowerscan™


Collecting and capturing paper and electronic documents properly is time consuming and resource intensive.

This is where IRISPowerscan™ comes into play. It scans, sorts, renames and routes documents and key indexes into your Laserfiche® environment.

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IRISPowerscan™ in a Nutshell

  • IRIS-made award-winning OCR engine recognizes text with accuracy from 130+ languages
  • Automatic sorting using multiple techniques such as barcodes, patch codes, OCR/ICR zones, color detection, free form text search...
  • High-accuracy indexation of all types of data: text, barcodes, patch codes, and more
  • Conversion into a variety of formats including PDF/A, hyper-compressed PDF...
  • Seamless integration into Laserfiche®, routing your documents and metadata at the right place
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Laserfiche® Connector: Features & Benefits

  • OnPrem & Cloud Connections

    IRISConnect for Laserfiche® works with both on-premise and cloud versions of Laserfiche®.

  • Path Navigation

    Map import entry paths into Laserfiche® by
    browsing anywhere inside your Laserfiche® Repositories.

  • Folder/File Naming

    Customize Folder (or Subfolder) & File names
    inside Laserfiche®, based on any combination of IRIS Captured
    Values, User Tokens, Condition Rules, and much more…

  • Field Mappings

    Bridges list options from Laserfiche® with complete access to list. This option allows users the opportunity to select intended options based on an any number of intelligent conditions.

  • Templates

    Write Metadata to any pre-existing Template.

  • File Options

    Create files using overwrite options such as Never, Ignore, Rename, Update, or Replace

  • PDF Options

    PDF creation comes with all Standard PDF options or Compressed PDF (50x) capabilities using IRIS patented iHQC compression.

  • Multi-Culture Text Layers

    PDFs can include up to 4 Languages (as text layers) inside each PDF created in Laserfiche®.

  • Modular Workflow Entry Design

    Need to import a document into a Laserfiche workflow without starting it from the beginning? IRISConnect will sync with Laserfiche® and will allow the ability to resume the workflow from its assigned spot inside a template’s workflow.

  • Intelli-Tags

    Easily create/adapt up to 5 tags based on any array of Captured Values, User Tokens, and Condition Rules as you automate your import into Laserfiche®. Intelligent tags powered with powerful IRIS automation allows for a new way of locating files faster and easier inside Laserfiche®.

  • Email Attachment separation

    Intelligently separate documents that have been combined into one file (PDF or TIFF).

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User Interface & Resources

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