Digitizing Medical Records

Reliable and secure data management of digital medical records

MLOZ is the group uniting 5 independent Belgian Health Insurance agencies: OZ, OmniMut, PartenaMut, Freie Krankenkasse and Partena. The IRIS solution installed by MLOZ is digitizing medical records and certificates of the 2.8 million clients of these 5 health insurance agencies. And is by consequence giving MLOZ’s agents and clients reliable and secure access to applications and data management.

MLOZ mainly deals with 3 types of documents: treatment certificates, applications for disability status and compensation and general correspondence. With the help of IRISPowerscan™, these documents are digitized and routed to the IRISNext™ digital workflow solution.

The process from scanner to digital workflow solution

The process of digitizing medical records starts when the documents reach the mutual insurance company. First they are scanned with IRISPowerscan™, where they receive an OCR layer. Then they are stored in a central archive and injected into the digital workflow solution IRISNext™. There they can be consulted via a wide range of data management applications.

The IRIS applications manage around 90 million documents. Around 100,000 to 150,000 new documents are being added to this database every day, and these documents are used by around 2,500 employees in the mutual insurance companies, plus of course the members who are connected to online applications.

We mainly deal with three types of documents. The first type is treatment certificates. The second type is applications for disability status and compensation. The third type is general correspondence. These documents are digitized when they arrive at the mutual insurance company. They are stored in a central archive, injected into the work streams, and of course can be viewed via a whole series of applications.
Jean-Paul Adans, General Manager, M-team (MLOZ IT department)

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Key facts

  • 90 million documents
  • 100,000 to 150,000 new documents each day
  • Used by 2,500 employees
  • For 2.8 million clients