Automation of invoice processing in the electrical industry

IRIS-Partner: Canon Switzerland

Boosting productivity with IRISXtract™ in Accounts Payable

The United Group in Switzerland receives approximately 5,000 supplier invoices per year for invoice capture. These arrive either physically or as PDFs in dedicated company email accounts.
In the case of physical invoices, the documents are captured by an upstream scanning process. With the aid of XMAILFetchers, 85% of the digital documents can be retrieved directly from the email accounts and forwarded to the accounts payable application.

The majority of the relevant data from the invoices is extracted and analysed automatically by the IRISXtract™ AP application (free-form recognition) and forwarded over the Abacus interface to the leading ERP system Abacus. After completion, compressed PDF-A files are generated automatically from the documents.

All invoices with order references are checked and compared automatically by IRISXtract™ and, if all goes well, 95% forwarded directly to booking for payment. Invoices without order references are fed automatically into the approval workflow. The invoice documents are archived in an audit-compliant archive based on Canon Therefore™.

Benefits of IRIS technology

Provision of an automated invoice solution for invoice capture, available 24/7 all year round. Incoming invoices reach the approver within 24 hours. Automatic invoice checking by IRISXtract™ in compliance with legal regulations. No manual checking is necessary. Productivity boost and process optimisation.

Thanks to automated invoice processing, we can now also deploy employees without any experience in accounting to handle incoming invoices. Furthermore, with IRISXtract™ we can significantly improve our business processes, create transparency in the overall process, and reduce our costs. We are impressed by this technology.

Andreas Knecht, Proprietor and Chairman of the Board of Directors, United Group AG

Soluzione con:

  • Up to 5,000 documents processed per year
  • Significantly lower error rate
  • Process optimisation
  • FTE in accounts payable capture reduced from 100% to 25%