Discover the NEW IRISPowerscan™ 12

On IDP market, IRISPowerscan™ is the ultimate path towards smart feed for document workflows with fast capturing, sorting and automation capabilities!

IRISPowerscan™ 12 comes with many new features. Just to name a few, here some additional key benefits:

  • Header, Footer and Bates stamping:
    Easily organize all your documents that need identification whether due to legal requirements or even to boost your searchability. You will be able to add dynamic content on pages. There is an automatic adjustment of the stamp positioning depending on the document type
  • Power Reporting:
    Get valuable insights about all activities at any time to better understand your productivity. You will receive automatically a monthly overview report and will be able to identify process optimizations.
  • PDF dynamic meta data:
    In the new IRISPowerscan™ version 12 you can add customized PDF Metadata dynamically. This will help you to get detailed information about any document. This feature will help you to be efficient and well organized.

IRISPowerscan™ 12 is far more than just a scanning solution!  You can scan, capture, sort and index any file or paper document prior to automatically exporting them to the right place in your business solution.

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