Improve supply chain visibility with IRIS

Zetes, a leading international technology company specializing in supply chain optimization and citizen identification solutions, has selected IRIS Information Management Solutions (IRIS IMS) to automate all of its accounts payable invoicing.

Initially the award winning platform IRISXtract™ has been implemented in Zetes offices in the DACH area. They started with a yearly volume of 240.000 invoices. The solution is currently being rolled out to offices in more than 10 other countries over the world. To achieve an efficient solution, there is first of all the Accounts Payable Capture Solution, which identifies multiple purchase invoices, scans them and extracts the relevant data to be stored in the content services platform IRISNext™.

The rapid consultation of documents, particularly purchase invoices, is one of the objectives made possible thanks to the collaboration with IRIS IMS. Invoice data are extracted and transmitted to the ERP system, which reduces the encoding and verification tasks for the teams.

Benefits of IRIS technology

IRISXtract™ has established itself as an outstanding solution in the field of data capture and processing by achieving an impressive recognition rate of over 90%. The power of IRISXtract™ lies in its ability to recognize and extract data quickly and accurately, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. This not only leads to a significant increase in productivity, but also enables Zetes to use their resources more efficiently.

The implementation of IRISXtract™ in combination with IRISNext™ has created the opportunity to realize significant time savings of up to 35% across the entire process. This potential to increase efficiency is not only a decisive competitive advantage, but also an important step towards optimizing operational processes. By digitizing and automating routine tasks, employees can focus on more complex and value-adding activities, while increasing employees satisfaction and productivity. Zetes was also able to significantly reduce throughput times. Another significant advantage for Zetes is the gain in transparency and traceability within the supply chain. And last but not least, Zetes has created better relationships with stakeholders, which has increased efficiency, reduced costs and encouraged innovation.

Solución con:

  • Gain in transparency and traceability
  • Recognition rate of over 90%
  • Save up time up to 35%