Accounts Payable in the Banking Industry

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Process optimisation with IRISXtract™

TEBA Kreditbank is a factoring partner for medium-size companies. They use the IRISXtract™ automation platform to automate the processing of invoices submitted by their factoring customers.

With this invoice solution, TEBA extracts and process the content of over 1 million invoices a year, passing on the results to the downstream factoring system. The XMAILFetcher module enables TEBA to harmonise the various invoice input channels and easily access mailboxes and portals. An integrated validation client allows the extracted invoice data (daily invoice volume in the four-figure range) to be checked and modified if necessary.

Benefits of IRIS technology

The scalability of ANALYSIS nodes and VERIFY users enables a fast response to peak loads at all times. Thanks to the high degree of automation of invoice processing, the factoring bank can respond very quickly to their factoring customers, creating a true competitive advantage. The high recognition rate of IRISXtract™ leads to an enormous reduction in error rates compared to manual invoice capture. IRISXtract™ makes it easy to comply with strict compliance guidelines.


We have been using the IRISXtract™ solution for more than 15 years. We were impressed by the especially good reading results back then, and they are still very important for us today. By using IRISXtract™, we create transparency and optimise our business processes. Thanks to continual improvement of the platform, we look forward to the future with confidence.

Dunja Berger, Department Head Production Factoring, TEBA Kreditbank GmbH & Co. KG


Solución con:

  • Over 1 million invoices per year
  • Error rates minimised
  • System scalable at all times
  • Comply with strict compliance guidelines.