Digital invoice recognition with IRISXtract™

IRIS-Partner: ecm:one GmbH

Mapping complete business transactions in the building materials industry

The company Heitkamm Dachbaustoffe was established in 1945 and has a total of 150 employees at nine locations in Germany. The family-owned business is one of the largest clay roof tile merchants in Germany. IRIS provided Heitkamm with IRISXtract™ for smart invoice capture with accounting interface and automatic booking, including smart document capture of purchase delivery notes and sales delivery notes. The IRISXtract™ Process Automation Platform is augmented by complete document mapping through digital storage. This is done directly from Outlook using DropZone as well as NAV debit voucher archiving.

The advantages of IRISXtract™

By converting all documents into a digital format, the company creates ideal conditions for a more efficient process at Heitkamm. Furthermore, there is now a central system for all company documents, which reduces the process costs by approximately 50% and enables a transparent access.

We are very pleased with the collaboration between ecm:one and the I.R.I.S. solutions, and we plan to digitize additional processes in future.

Gordon Waldmann, Head of IT, Heitkamm GmbH Dachbaustoffe

Oplossing met:

  • Up to 120,000 processed pages per year
  • Process costs reduced by approximately 50%

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