IRISXtract™ & IRISPowerscan™ Training

Whether you aim to enhance your proficiency, avoid errors in your projects, or simply refresh your knowledge, our training sessions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Embark on a learning journey through our comprehensive IRIS training program, tailored for Developers, Consultants, and Project Managers alike.

Our courses provide a valuable opportunity to acquire new skills within IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™.


IRIS as data capture and document classification partner is continuously improving its technologies and solutions. IRIS Training and Certification Program

Explore the structure, the courses, the prerequisites, the examination, and the certification process.

Click on IRIS Training Program button to unlock your training journey.

Book instructor-led courses, access free eLearning courses, take final exams and get certified in IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™.

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IRIS has over 5000 installations of IRISXtract and IRISPowerscan running in production all over the world. IRIS Training Offerings - Overview

Discover the full potential of our software by enrolling in our IRISXtract™  & IRISPowerscan training sessions!

We offer 9 virtual instructor-led courses lasting one or two days.

Enhance your knowledge with our interactive eLearning courses to various topics concerning IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™. The eLearnings are free of charge and available 24/7 on our IRIS Learning Hub.

Stay up to date with our Refresher courses, intended for everyone who already attended an instructor-led course in the past and who would like to renew their certification.

IRIS is providing training courses on its IRISPowerscan and IRISXtract on a regular basis. Check out our calendar to find a detailed schedule. IRIS Training Schedule

Find out when the next virtual instructor-led courses are planned in the EU and the US.

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All IRIS trainings are in English. Good to Know

  • The virtual instructor-led courses last one or two days
  • All training sessions and materials are presented in English
  • Fulfill all online prerequisites to enroll in your virtual instructor-led course through the IRIS Learning Hub
  • Secure your spot by registering at least one week before the training date

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