Hospital group continues to roll out its digital strategy


The Jolimont Group centralises the search for information with IRISNext

It was after a demonstration meeting of IRIS at Jolimont were the project started. This demonstration, followed by a convincing proof of concept, which made it possible to show the important gain that IRIS could represent with its digital transformation solutions. The Jolimont Group was able to directly see its advantages in the simplification of administrative processes, in the advanced search functions, the ease of consultation, and the richness and robustness of the solution with its APIs and web services.

The project resulted in the implementation of an easy-to-use cross-functional platform, enabling communication between IRISNext and third-party software already in place within the Group. This structure will enable users to connect with their user access rights and consult all types of documents from multiple sources. The following departments are already using the solution: Human Resources, Intranet, Medical, Quality, and the Insurance Department. The main needs of the Jolimont Group were to simplify the use of digital tools, to save processing and consultation time, and to make it easy to find the right information without having to go through several software packages. Standardizing the centralized tools on a single platform was the biggest challenge.

Today, thanks to the solutions provided by IRIS, a user will have – on the basis of a simple quick search – access to all documents simultaneously according to his access rights linked to his user profile. The time saving obtained during the processing and search of information is achieved through a significant reduction of operational processes, which is particularly important in the hospital sector.

Paul-Henri Van Rasbourgh, IT Application Manager, Jolimont Group

We are delighted to be able to help a hospital group make their important information even more digitally accessible. Especially in these times, it is extremely important that their main role as carer, is supported in the most optimal way. We are proud to be able to contribute with our solutions.

Tom Vanderbiest, Presales and Portfolio Manager, IRIS IMS

Oplossing met:

  • IRISNext
  • Simplification of the use of digital tools
  • Saving treatment and consultation time
  • Easy to find the right information