IRISXtract™ & IRISPowerscan™ Training

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Participate in our IRIS Training program! Whether you are a Developer, Consultant or Project Manager, we offer numerous training courses where you can gain new abilities within IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™ explore how to avoid errors in your projects, or just simply refresh your knowledge.c


IRIS as data capture and document classification partner is continuously improving its technologies and solutions. Training and Certification Program of IRIS

The Training Program contains information about the different training activities offered by IRIS P&T. It gives you insight to the structure, the courses, the prerequisites, the examination, and the certification process.

The IRIS Learning Hub is part of the Training Program. It enables you to book instructor-led courses, get access to online courses, take final exams and get certified in IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™.

For the time being and in order to ensure your safety and health the training will not take place in Aachen (Germany) but provided virtually. All Canon employees are kindly requested to enroll via the Canon Learning Hub. For more details on each training, please consult our Training Program.

For further information please request access to our IRIS Learning Hub here.

IRIS has over 5000 installations of IRISXtract and IRISPowerscan running in production all over the world. How to enroll?

Request your credentials to the IRIS Learning Hub here. Once you are logged in, you can enroll into the various courses.

IRIS is organizing regular trainings in its German office in Aachen. We also provide tailor-made trainings at other locations if the groups are large enough (including USA and Asia). Where?

For the time being and in order to ensure your safety and health the instructor-led trainings are not held on IRIS premises but will be provided virtually with a remote desktop connection. All details can be found in the IRIS Learning Hub.

All IRIS trainings are in English. Language

All training sessions and materials are in English.

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