AP Invoice Automation in the public health sector

IRIS-Partner: Canon Ireland

Invoice capture with IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™

The HSE receives 400k+ invoices per annum, with over 90% sent to a dedicated mailbox which is monitored by IRISXtract™, paperbased documents are directly scanned using Canon scanners and IRISPowerscan™. The Accounts Payable Application automatically extracts (free form capture) and analyses these invoices. The invoice data collected is verified against business logic and master data. When required, the Accounts Payable Team can verify invoices and resolve exceptions. Multi-Threading enables the processing of 4 invoices simultaneously. Once completed, invoice PDFs and data are exported upstream.

Benefits of IRIS technology

The HSE Invoice Capture Team has reduced the volume of invoices being received via hard copy for manual processing by over 90%. The system which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has the ability to receive and process an invoice within internal time frames.

We receive a large volume of invoices every day. Thanks to the AP Solution from IRIS, we can now quickly process a greater amount of invoices at any time automatically. Furthermore, we are now able to significantly optimise our business processes and reduce our costs by using IRISXtract™, as well as expertise from the team at Canon Ireland. Our successful partnership continues to grow. We have just done a full upgrade of IRISXtract™ and we continue to explore opportunities to further optimise our processes with Canon Ireland.

Brian Lunney, Head of National Payment Services, HSE

  • More than 400k processed documents per year
  • Reducing manual processing
  • Availability at all times