Digitisation of Medical Card Applications 

IRIS-Partner:  Canon Ireland

Capture and indexing of a large amount of post by intelligent data capture with IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™

Each day National Medical Card Unit (N.M.C.U) receives a vast amount of paper medical card applications delivered to a dedicated PO Box. Each application is then sorted by the mail room team and prepared for scanning. Medical card applications are subsequently scanned, automatically separated, indexed and exported to Oracle in seconds by IRISPowerscan™. The applications can also be sent via email to N.M.C.U. and will be routinely collected by XMailFetcher and directed into IRISXtract™. Thanks to the Hybrid Forms solution of IRISXtract™ all relevant indexes are extracted from the medical card applications and automatically transferred to Oracle.

Benefits of IRIS technology

N.M.C.U. now have an efficient, robust, reliable and easy to use first class document digitization solution. Applications and additional information are checked, prepared, scanned and are now available in Oracle within minutes, not weeks.  The solution supports multiple ways of receiving medical card applications and additional Information, reducing the amount of paper being received. IRISXtractTM and IRISPowerscanTM increased productivity exponentially and delivered improved efficiencies across the entire process. Thus the amount of paper consumed is reduced, making the entire process more sustainable.

Canon supported National Medical Card Unit (N.M.C.U.) in setting up the entire process from receipt of the application to it being available in Oracle for review. N.M.C.U. presented their challenges to us and we worked together in partnership to develop and deliver workable solution within months.

Keith Kenny, Head of Solutions Sales, Canon Ireland

Oplossing met:

  • Up to 750k processed documents per year
  • Seamless integration into Oracle
  • Increased productivity exponentially

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