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Take your Business to the next level with IRISXtract™ and IRISPowerscan™

Document-based business processes have a huge impact on your company’s efficiency. Through the power of industry-leading OCR to optimize your processes through automation, IRIS not only uses intelligent capture to deliver outstanding quality but also applies intelligent typing to reduce time spent.

Our company has over 20 years of experience in providing BPOs and Shared Service Centers with document processing solutions focusing on the classification and indexing of unstructured data.

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Whether your business identifies as a Service Bureau, BPO, or Shared Service Center, we are here for you. We provide software, service, and solutions to all business services areas.

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A wide variety of Business Services exist globally in the competitive business market. From all types and sizes, what matters most is efficiency, timeliness, cost benefits, and consistency. Our influence has a proven track record we are excited to share with you. IRISPowerscan and IRISXtract can streamline or automate much of the repetitive, daily, manual tasks and removes the worry of poor performance, human error, and expensive mistakes. Your business demands a competitive advantage, and our goal is to take it to the next level!



Business Services Benefits

  • Centralize Processes easily regardless of how many locations you have
  • Intelligent Keyboard Processing IRIS intelligence knows what you are going to type next
  • Speed up your Prep! Automatic Document Separation delivers where you need it most
  • Quick launching Confidently use IRIS with new projects right around the corner.
  • Increased productivity With auto populated fields

Easy to try

We understand how important investments are to you. Many times, technology investments can leave you hanging, unable to unlock full potential, and go unused. Our focus, is to create sustainability, which promotes longevity. From easy-to-usesoftware, to freedemos and online trainingportals, our experienced team is ready to empower you every step of the way. The next opportunity you get, consider giving our powerful solutions a try. Our technology doesn’t have to replace or recreate much of what you currently do within your processes but can certainly maximize your performance.



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