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In order to inspire the next generation of global citizens, you need the right tools for the job. Incorporating technology in the academic setting is just as important as exposing students to a wide array of life experiences. Using the PDF format in the education sector accomplishes both tasks simultaneously.


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The Right Tools for Success

The Readiris PDF document manager is a best-of-bred software solution that gives users access to a suite of management features such as:

  • Powerful PDF Conversion tools

  • Signature stamps and e-signature capabilities

  • PDF text editor, stamps, and other markup tools

  • PDF merging, combination, and splitting features

  • Robust scanning and OCR capabilities

Leveraging the PDF Format to Your Institution's Benefit

Life moves fast but technology moves faster. In order to raise good digital citizens, students of all ages must be exposed to the brand of technology that makes the working world go round. With the PDF’s popularity across industries worldwide, it is important that students learn how to work with the form to both consume and disseminate knowledge more efficiently.

Universities and schools themselves benefit from PDF usage. PDFs give institutions like these a way to digitize their business-critical paperwork, making for more agile and adaptable educators.


An Investment in the Future

With our Readiris PDF management platform, Readiris makes it easy to harness the power of the PDF for educational purposes. Readiris PDF is committed to the education of our students nationwide. We offer education-friendly, enterprise pricing up to 50% off the retail price of our software for qualified institutions.

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