Dyslexia Learning Aid Technology

People with dyslexia face many challenges in school, in society and at work. This learning disability affects a person’s ability to read, speak spell and remember sentences. It can also affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Enjoy our selection of digital tools for children and adults with DYS that help to :

Relieve – Accommodate – Compensate.


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Portable wand scanner: Put in your school bag to scan classmates’ documents or notebooks

IRIScan Book 5 portable scanner

With the IRIScan™ Book, your child can scan any book or magazine without having to tear out the pages. This small scanner fits perfectly in a school bag or backpack. A protective case is also available to avoid problems. It very conveniently works without a PC and lets you scan documents quickly, to be downloaded later when your child comes home from school.

IRIScan Book products

Pen scanners & Reading Pen

IRISPen Reader 8 - scan from books with the best Pen scanner and Reading Pen

Unleash Powerful Learning with the IRISPen 8: Reading PenPen Scanner & Portable Scanner in One!
Empower dyslexic learners and boost overall reading comprehension with the innovative IRISPen 8. This portable scanner goes beyond traditional pens, acting as a reading pen and pen scanner all rolled into one.

Dyslexia software: Facilitate learning for dyslexic people

Dys child using Readiris Dyslexic

Readiris Dyslexic 2.0 is the ideal reading aid for dyslexic people. It read aloud any digital or scanned document word by word! It allows you to read and listen in parallel word by word to any document. Making it ideal for any work requiring reading support.

IRIScan™ Desk 6 Dyslexic: An adapted reading aid for Dyslexia

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic

IRIScan Desk 6  is a document and book scanner capable of supporting your remote learning sessions.

With Readiris Dyslexic software included, it’s ideal reading aid for dyslexic people. Thanks to the unique Text To Speech technology. It will read aloud any document (Microsoft Word, PDF, text files, web pages, or scanned documents) word by word.

It allows you to read and listen in parallel word by word to any document. As such this tool is ideal for language work and any other work requiring extensive reading use.

IRIScan 4 : A digital must for school bags; unparalleled portability

IRIScan Express 4 - portable scanner

Like the ruler scanner, the IRIScan Express 4 / Executive 4 sheet-fed scanner is an easy solution to scan the document of his classmate at the end of the course. In this way, the DYS child will have the entire lesson and can consult it at home. They will also have been able to listen to the lesson and retain the information as well as possible. IRIScan 4 are sheetfed scanners.

It means you will insert a sheet in the scanner and it will automatically scan it. The use is easy and fast. One page is scanned in a few seconds. It can be used at school as well as at home,… Small, it goes easily into a schoolbag or backpack.