IRISPowerscan™ Scanning solution

Scan, capture, sort and index any document and automatically export them to the right place in your business application with the IRISPowerscan™ scanning solution.

  • Capture from any scanner, file, MFD, watched folder, or the Cloud
  • Sort documents and extract valuable data
  • Populate your ECM, Cloud systems or document workflows automatically with the extracted indexes
  • Collect and share documents faster and easier

High-speed scanning and much more!

High speed scanning service

Easy sorting & indexing

Straightforward configuration

Wide variety of formats

Export to your system

No volume limitation

The IRISPowerscan™ document processing and scanning solution

Flexible architecture

To address your business needs, we developed a range of different IRISPowerscan™ versions. Whatever your configuration, the IRISPowerscan™ scanning solution always ensures a user-friendly approach. With minimal training time and a flexible interface for every user.

Brand-new, intuitive interface

An accessible file menu to create, open and save projects, modify general settings, interface, language, etc. An easy navigation mode to scan, visualize, modify and process documents. A detailed designer view for advanced configurations and full project customization.

A world of possibilities

Import from any scanner, MFD, watched folder (without user intervention) or from the Cloud. Export indexed and compressed files to any destination. Wide variety of input and output formats, including IRIS proprietary Intelligent High Quality Compressing PDF format (iHQC).

Learn how the IRISPowerscan document processing solution works from scanning/file import and pre-processing via document separation, sorting, data extraction, verification and document creation & compression to export of documents and indexes.

IRISPowerscan™ Key Features

  • High-speed scanning service

    from all scanner brands and the following interfaces: Twain, ISIS, VRS

  • High-speed processing

    individual page analysis allowing selective software operation

  • Advanced indexing

    with regular expression to find, select and filter data

  • 130+ OCR languages

    document processing in over 130 OCR languages

  • Easy workflow setup

    intuitive document processing and scanning solution

  • Connectivity to

    system folders, e-mail, printers, IRIS Central-Management feature and third-party applications via the IRISConnect™ Toolbox add-on. Also available: IRISConnect™ dedicated connectors to SharePoint, Therefore, FTP, ODBC, CMIS and cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive)

  • Scan from Scanner, MFD, File, Watched Folder or the Cloud

    Box, DropBox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Evernote, Google Drive and their business version - no volume limitation!

  • Image quality improvement

    with countless image processing operations and enhancements

  • Advanced sorting

    based on multiple criteria and page-type definitions (OCR, BCR, OMR, ICR, FingerPrint)

  • Conversion to many file formats

    including compressed PDF (with iHQC™ hyper-compression)

  • Multi-user

    users & roles, centralized management and services

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