AIIM Industry Watch 2022

Source: AIIM Industry Watch 2022

  • The result of the AIIM 2022 Industry Watch survey shows that for 34% of people the digital transformation strategy should be enriching the customer experience in all aspects of the business. IRISXtract improves the traceability, the transparency of your data flows and workflows and increases the customer satisfaction.
  • Organizations have three main aspects to improve with information management. 44% process optimisation, 29% access to information and 16% data analysis. IRISXtract contributes significantly to process improvement through automation – the manual effort for processing documents is minimised. Thanks to IRISXtractTM transparency is guaranteed through digital transformation and information is accessible to authorized employees wherever they are. IRIS has a proven track record in deploying solution that enables a comprehensive analysis of the data and allows a monitoring of all processes at any time.
  • According to AIIM’s study, 25% of respondents answered that if information management does not help to move their product forward, it is not a high priority. With IRISXtract™ you save significantly time and money and can concentrate on your core business.


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