IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro DYS

Simplify learning, improve their skills

A Unique and Precious Tool for People with Dyslexia

People with dyslexia face several challenges, from their school days, in society, and at work. This condition affects one’s ability to read, talk, spell and remember phrases. These problems can also affect their self-esteem and confidence. For 35 years, IRIS has been an industry leader in developing innovative technologies to empower people and organizations.

We are happy to announce our new software, Readiris Dyslexic, which makes life easier for children and adults with dyslexia

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Top Key Features

The integrated Readiris Dyslexic desktop application is a simple tool so anyone can use it

Zoom with Readiris Dyslexic

Zoom in / Out

Repeat words with Readiris Dyslexic

Repeat words/text

Transform text to speech with Readiris Dyslexic

Text to speech, adaptive speed

Convert to Editable text with Readiris Dyslexic

Editable text

Distance learning with integrated camera

Distance learning with integrated camera

Export to PDF/Word/Mail/MP3

Export to PDF/Word/Mail/MP3

A Unique and Precious Tool for People with Dyslexia

Reading Made Easy with Dyslexic Software

Simple, user-friendly and intuitive user interface for people with dyslexia

• Read aloud all types of books, documents and digital files

• Zoom in/out in the text for better readability

Read aloud the entire sentence or repeated words, as desired

Playback adapted to your pace (faster or slower), depending on the settings you configure

• Compatible with MS text-to-speech language

• Recognition of 138 languages

• Wide choice of simple output formats (DOCXJPEGMP3WAVPDF) and direct sending by e-mail

• Comes with the award-winning IRIScan Desk 6 scanner to scan books and documents up to A3/Ledger size

Step3 : Place the book or document

Step 1

Connect the scanner

Connect your scanner

Step 2

Launch the scanner functionality

Step 2: Launch the scanner functionality

Step 3

Place the book or document

Step3 : Place the book or document

Step 4

Export the scan or import your file

Step 4: Export the scan or import your file

Step 5

The text is now editable

Step 5 : The text is now editable

Step 6

Choose the right document language & voice

Step 7

Change font, size, background color

Step 7 : Change font, size, background color

Step 8

Choose the most suitable dictation

Step 8 : Choose the most suitable dictation

Step 9

Launch the scanner for remote learning

Step 9 : Export to selected format

Step 10

Turn on your cameras and start

Step 10 : Turn on your cameras and start

What Does Readiris Dyslexic Do?

Readiris Dyslexic presents a new dawn for those struggling with dyslexic conditions, including dyspraxia, dysphasia, dysgraphia, as well as dysorthography.

It reduces fatigue by making daily assignments such as reading and writing easier to manage. With this tool, dyslexic people can have a more pleasurable learning experience.

At IRIS, We collaborate with experts, therapists, and people living with these conditions to ensure the tools serve their purpose. With an inside eye from experts who face these challenges every day, Readiris Dyslexic is a unique and precious tool you can use to self-train or share with friends, family, and therapists.

This is an amazing tool. Finally, an easy tool that can help us teach and help our patients train themselves and practice the exercises we propose to them, even remotely“- Dyslexia experts’ feedback


Help dyslexic people to improve
their reading disability

IRIScan™ Desk 6 is the ideal reading aid for dyslexic people. Thanks to the unique Text To Speech technology. It will read aloud any document (Microsoft Word, PDF, text files, web pages, or scanned documents) word by word!

It allows you to read and listen in parallel word by word to any document. As such this tool is ideal for language work and any other work requiring extensive reading use.

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IRIScan Desk 6 Pro

How Does it Work?

Readiris Dyslexic comes together with IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic. This lets you record the training sessions for later reference and exchange live with your teacher while watering down the troubles of dyslexia.

With our solution, you can prepare based on any support, including magazines, books, newspapers, as well as digital files on your PC or the web. The straightforward user interface lets you get started quickly and guides you through a side-by-side presentation of the original and extracted text. The presentation makes it easy to edit the text you are reading and export the file as an image (JPEG), audio (MP3/WAV), PDF, or Docx.

The tool is suitable for everyone, from children to adults. You can read any document aloud by a single word, phrase, or whole sentence. You can set the tool to read faster or slower as you please or repeat the comments until you correct the spelling and pronunciation.

Furthermore, this tool is self-reliant, where you can train yourself without the help of a teacher, family member, or trainer.

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IRIScan Desk 6


Dyslexic thinking has been recognized as a desirable skill in leadership, creativity, and business process.

LinkedIn added #dyslexicthinking to the skills list to remove the stigma around dyslexia. At IRIS, we are giving dyslexic people hope and the opportunity to better their lives through this solution.

Our digital tools aim to build independence in dyslexic individuals and make life easier. IRIScan Desk Pro 6 Dyslexic is one tool that allows you to compensate for the various learning challenges associated with dyslexia.

Such solution help dyslexic kids manage their school assignments such as reading, writing, and comprehension. Adults also benefit by getting assistance in reading blogs, newspapers, books, or writing emails.

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Dys child using Readiris Dyslexic



IRIScan™ Desk 6 is a versatile document scanner and a support for distance learning sessions. Ideal for Small Office and Home Office.



300 DPI

Pocket book


4 LED's

15 FPS

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IRIScan Desk 6 Pro

IRIScan™ Desk 6 is a professional versatile document scanner and a support for distance learning sessions. Ideal for SMB’s, Academic, Logistics, Dyslexics, Real Estate, Healthcare, Insurance & Finance.



300 DPI




30 FPS

4 LED's

Scan button


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IRIScan™ Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic is the all-in-one solution dedicated to people with dyslexia disorder. Ideal companion to help with reading, writing and spelling thanks to the dedicated Readiris Dyslexic application



300 DPI




30 FPS


4 LED's

Scan button


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Speech Therapist -Belgium

Self-employed occupational



As a speech therapist working with children with specific needs, I offer adaptations, compensatory means to improve the quality of daily life. IRIScan products allow my patients to adapt to school and, above all, to be fair compared to the rest of the class.

Astuce pour DYS


Mother of DYS child


It's the bomb! Really, the impact of this scanner on everyday life is phenomenal: imagine scanning your employment contract and it's already read! How many of us don't read and understand all our contracts, especially when they are in Arial 8 columns, for example! In any case, I would like to thank the team at Iris - PDF software and portable scanners - Canon group once again, because they have really developed a great tool. This is a company that listens to the needs of our children and our community, and believe me, that is priceless!

IRIScan Desk 6 - Resources

Get started - demo and tutorial

Get started with IRIScan Desk 6 Dyslexic

Book scanning - How to scan a book ?

Find out how to scan a book with IRIScan Desk.

Advanced use & TTS - How to use the Text to Speech feature ?

Discover how to use the Text to Speech feature.

Book scanning - How to scan with the shutter button ?

Thanks to its trigger button, IRIScan Desk lets you scan documents without using your keyboard or mouse.

Book scanning - How to scan the Front and back of the book ?

Find out how to scan the front and back pages of a book.

Export - PDF

Export - Word

Export - Epub

Video recording - How to use the video mode ?

Discover how to film videos with your IRIScan Desk

Video recording - How to configure Remote conferencing ?

Discover how to configure Remote conferencing.

Card scanning - How to scan business cards and export to Cardiris ?

Scan your business cards using IRIScan Desk and export them to multiple formats using Cardiris.

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro

  • Scanning technology: 13-Megapixel CMOS Sensor – 21 MB extrapolated
  • Max resolution: 4160 x 3120 pixels (13MP)
  • Max document size: 420 x 297 mm (A3) or 16.5 x 11.6 in.
  • Scanning speed: Less than 1 second scan per A3 page in color mode
  • Lens fixed focus
  • Video Record Resolution: 2048 x 1536 (3 MP) / 1920 x 1080 (Full HD 1080) / 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) / 1280×960 (960P)
  • Built-in LED Lights 4 pcs
  • Output resolution 300 DPI
  • Output level Color / Black & White / Grayscale
  • Interface/drivers USB 2.0 Type B x 1 (For PC Connection)
  • USB 2.0 Type-A x 1 (For USB Extension)
  • Power supply 5V by USB powered
  • Power supply 5V by USB powered
  • Output formats Document: JPG, PDF (Image), PDF (Searchable), PDF (Text), Word, Txt, Excel, EPUB (E-book), MP3, WAV.
  • Daily scanning volume: up to 5000 pages.

IRIScan Desk 6 – IRIScan Desk 6 Pro – IRIScan Desk 6 Business

  • Windows® 10 with Intel i3 or higher
  • Mac® OS 10.15 and above with Intel chip or M1 chip
  • Graphical Card: Intel® Standard Graphics or higher Graphics cards with 2 GB VRAM
  • Ram memory: 4 GB
  • Hard disk space: 2 GB
  • One USB 2.0 or above

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro

  • Camera Scanner
  • USB cable
  • ScanPad
  • Getting started guide
  • External USB capture button

  • Product name: IRIScan Desk 6 Pro
  • SKU: 462006
  • Box Size: (H x L x D) 13 x 49 x 15 cm / 5.1 x 19.3 x 5.9 in.
  • Box Weight: around 1.47 kg / 3.24 lbs
  • Folded size: 396 x 120 x 90 mm / (15.5 x 4.72 x 3.54 In.)
  • Working size (H x L x D): 396 x 120 x 282 mm / (15.5 x 4.72 x 11.1 In.)
  • Weight : 1.15kg / 2.53 lbs