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Healthcare Industry

Businesses across the spectrum thrive when both their employees and consumers are healthy. The strength of modern medicine comes from the intersection of passionate, patient-centred care, access to the latest medical information, and the advent of cutting-edge technology.

At IRIS, we are committed to the health of our nation and its people. Our Readiris PDF management platform gives medical professionals, from hospitalists to private practitioners, the unmatched control they need over their digital documentation.

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Getting Started with Readiris PDF

The Readiris PDF platform is a best-of-breed software solution that allows users to access a full line of features including:

  • PDF conversion tools (e.g. PDF to Word, JPEG to PDF, Word to PDF, etc.)

  • Signature overlays and e-signature capabilities

  • PDF text editor, stamp overlays, and additional markup tools

  • PDF redact for hiding confidential patient private record

  • PDF merging, combination, and splitting functionality

  • Powerful scanning and OCR capture

Ensuring the Health of Your Practice

There’s an old adage: time is money. It’s an idea that applies directly to the healthcare industry. The Readiris suite of PDF management tools helps doctors and other medical professionals cut down on misspent time by streamlining communications and documentation.

In turn, the time saved by fully leveraging the power of the PDF contributes directly to your bottom line, helping keep your practice solvent for years to come.

Streamlining Your Process

The field of medicine is a booming industry. According to a recent Guardian article, general practitioners in England sometimes visit up to 40 patients per day. With such a heavy workload, the goal of any software solution should be to help the practitioner streamline their processes. That’s where Readiris PDF comes in.

With our PDF editing and management tools, general practitioners can digitize their existing processes and key documents. The end result? More time spent face to face with your patients.

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