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Thursday, June 10th @ 1pm GMT (3pm CET; 9am EST)

IRIS Solutions for anonymizing data and privacy protection

Speaker(s): Olivier Deschuyteneer

Anonymizing data in order to protect our privacy is becoming increasingly important in nowadays business world. The GDPR compliance rules have to be respected, in order to insure the protection and the consistent free flow of personal data. Especially when it comes to the recruitment processes anonymizing data can be used to hide sensitive information and guarantee an objective recruitment procedure. Furthermore, documentation has to be hidden in the payment process of a company, where only authorized personnel should have access to the salary statement of the employees.

We at IRIS believe that these kind of challenges within an organization can be solved by using smart software, that  is enabling a smooth working processes by protecting personal data. This webinar will be about how our solutions can help you to deal with anonymizing data for privacy protection in a clear and effective way.

A demo will give you more insights into using our solutions very easily.

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