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IRIS technology as a part of Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Inc. is an American multinational software company specialized in the creation of content such as animation, graphics and photography. Adobe was founded in 1982 in California and is also currently headquartered in San Jose. in 2006 Adobe became a partner of IRIS, which is one of the key enablers by turning scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs.

The IRISOCR™ toolkit helps Adobe Acrobat users to transform any image into searchable and editable PDFs. OCRs scanned documents are being produced from multiple devices or MFD. Furthermore, OCR is done automatically as files are opened in Acrobat for editing or enhancing. OCR´d PDFs are searchable and editable in many languages.

The advantages of the IRIS solution

By using IRIS technology Adobe stated that the IRISOCR™ sdk integration into Acrobat was straightforward and very flexible. Scanned images from MFD and scanners are easily converted into searchable and editable PDFs. From a user perspective IRIS also offers a wide range of advantages. Acrobat users can take a picture of a document with their mobile phone and get a searchable PDF in return. They can easily copy, extract and reuse text from scanned PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat is the world’s leading and most complete PDF software that helps organizations accelerate their paper to digital transformation journey. IRIS OCR technology is one of the key enablers for that by turning scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs. This ensures that users can easily and seamlessly search, copy and extract information out of as well as edit scanned PDFs.

Joydeep Majumder, Director Product Management, Adobe Acrobat

Solution with:

  • 26 languages
  • Millions of customers worldwide
  • IRISOCR™ toolkit (iDRS) in use since 2006