Enabling fast full text search in M-Files

Intelligent integration of the IRISOCR™ toolkit into M-Files

M-Files is an intelligent information management platform that helps companies make smart connections across the business and automate critical business processes, while at the same time keeping information secured and controlled. With the seamless integration of the IRISOCR™ toolkit into M-Files, the company was able to improve their software and enable fast document search for its users. The solution can therefore recognize text of scanned and imported images and make them full text searchable. Furthermore documents are searchable in dozens of languages and OCR is done automatically as files are added to M-Files so users don’t have to do anything. The OCR documents can be produced from any scanner or MFD and the solution reads information from barcodes or zones to populate metadata properties.

Benefits of the solution

There are several benefits of the solution, which help the user to better work with the technology. One of them is the search across the contents of all documents, even those scanned using a MFD, which provides a faster usage of the solution. By using barcodes, documents can be automatically classified and tagged, which helps when it comes to bringing the documents into the right order. The import and capture process can be fully automated with little action needed from the user.

M-Files is a solution that provides the right information to users when they need it. IRIS OCR is an integral part of helping us achieve that by enabling full text search on scanned and imported documents. This ensures that a search in M-Files provides a complete picture of all relevant information regardless of the type of document or the device the user is searching from.

Frank Taliano, Senior Product Manager, M-Files Corporation

Solution with:

  • In 28 languages
  • More than 5.000 customers worldwide
  • IRISOCR™ toolkit (iDRS) in use since 2009