Enabling full text search in Sharepoint

IRIS-Partner: Aquaforest Ltd.

Seamless integration with IRISOCR™ enables fast document search in Sharepoint

Aquaforest searchlight automatically takes non-searchable Documents such as PDFs, Scanned Image Files and Faxes and converts the files with the help of the IRISOCR™ sdk to fully searchable PDF files. The solution from Aquaforest monitors SharePoint site collections and ensures that all image files are made fully text searchable with the IRISOCR™ sdk. The OCRed documents are uploaded afterwards to
SharePoint, Office 365 or Windows.

The benefits of the IRISOCR™ sdk

Thanks to the IRISOCR™ sdk the SharePoint indexer is able to fully index the files for text search. It is secure, fast and GDPR compliant and allows the identification of personal information (automatic meta data tagging). Users are able to reuse content from the searchable PDFs as they can select and copy the new generated text layer.

Aquaforest searchlight is a solution that ensures SharePoint Site Collections are fully text searchable with automated OCR. The IRISOCR sdk is an integral part of helping us achieve that by enabling full text search of any type of document. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on on our solutions for their document workflow processes.

Neil Pitman, Managing Director, Aquaforest Ltd.

Solution with:

  • In 100 languages
  • More than 2.000 customers worldwide
  • IRISOCR™ sdk (iDRS) in use since 2005