Intelligent Document Processing for Logistics and Freight

The freight forwarding and logistics industry is exposed to an almost indescribable number of documents day by day. But examining these documents manually results in inefficiencies in processing, long cycle times, difficulties keeping SLAs, lack of data accuracy, etc…

The better the operations work, the more reliable, flexible, and scalable a company can serve their customers. IRISXtract™ provides technology that enables you to kick start your digital transformation journey.


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Streamlining Freight Operations : maximizing productivity through Intelligent Document Processing

IRISXtract™ ensures that data is where it belongs: in your process!

Navigating through the Big Data ocean

A logistic case is established by structured, semi-structured and unstructured document types such as the Packing List, Bill of Lading, Proforma Invoice, (later) Commercial Invoice, Air/Sea Waybill, Shipping Instructions, Customs Declarations, Certificates and many more.

Such documents contain a huge number of data that requires to be structured for further processing. It needs to be extracted, labeled, normalized, validated, and consolidated.

Setting sail for success

IRISXtract™ provides the necessary technology: it can separate documents that are included in one file automatically by simultaneously classifying the type of a document. The basic IRISOCR engine is capable to understand more than 130 languages.

Further, IRISXtract™ shows up with an adaptive freeform text analysis which works independent from the layout of a document. No need to say that Artificial Intelligence is at work. Such technologies enable computer aided process optimization that feeds structured data into subsequent process landscape like your ERP, TMS, BPM, RPA or Data Analytics systems.

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Charting a course to efficiency

Whether it’s accounting, HR, procurement, sales or legal, our document understanding technology provides the right information in a structured and consolidated way in your entire organization. By introducing the Digital Mailroom, you prepare each part of your organization to concentrate on their core business and value-added tasks by automating repetitive activities in the background.

The automation of the digital workplace substantially supports your business development, because the digital maturity of your internal process logistic matters.

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Your benefits

Intelligent document processing of this kind supports you in meeting compliance in freight operations and identifying discrepancies within and between the documents.
You could decrease the processing time of a case by 50% when at the same time your process quality increases to nearly 100%.

  • Business Development

    Resources freed to take over valuable work or to scale the number of cases.

  • Cost Reduction

    Eliminate redundancies, automate simple/repetitive tasks.

  • Turnaround Reduction

    Faster handling time, lower holding time, better SLA fulfillment for your customers.

  • Process Transparency and data accessibility

    Enhance the financial controlling, enable statistical process control, compliance, and auditability.

  • Process Flexibility

    Standardized process can be adapted to changing requirements.

Webinar: Revolutionizing Freight Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has emerged as a game-changer in the logistics industry, revolutionizing the way freight documents are managed and processed.

Testimonials: Accelerating the Delivery Order Management

  • “eds – TRANSPORT – LOGISTIK offers since more than 30 years reliable, pan-European transport and logistics services. We focus on the continuous improvement of process quality and efficiency. IRISXtract™ grants to achieve these objectives through cutting edge intelligent delivery records processing and automated data capture technology by safeguarding customer SLAs and reducing process costs significantly.”

    Walter Pahl, General Manager eds Transport - Logistik Gmbh

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