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Interview with Heike Grandy from Euronics

Heike Grandy, Euronics´Head of Accounts Payable and Central Controlling, talks about the partnership with IRIS.

EURONICS is the largest cooperative buying and marketing group in the industry, with 8,500 locations in 35 European countries at present. Euronics decided to partner with IRIS over 20 years ago because of the extremly good reading results of IRISXtract™. With this Process Automation Platform, Euronics has a comprehensive reporting and monitoring tool, which enables process control at all times. The user-friendliness of IRISXtract™ facilitates intuitive and simple use for the employees. Read the full interview with Heike Grandy now and find out how Euronics creates real added value for its company with IRISXtract™.

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We presently have a recognition rate of around 90% with IRISXtract™.

Heike Grandy, Head of Accounts Payable and Central
Controlling at EURONICS

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