Leveraging Intelligent Capture in Higher Education

We love automation! Educational institutions rely heavily on process automation. It helps to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. When it comes to performance, it all starts with quality.

IRISXtract™ delivers process optimization, scalability and enhanced production from a business perspective within Higher Education.

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Looking to optimize your operations?

Staying ahead requires more than just incremental improvements – it demands a strategic approach to streamline operations, accommodate growth, and boosting productivity

Educational institutions rely heavily on process automation. Studies estimate between 60-80% of colleges and universities are currently using some form of automation in their operations.

What happens when these operations hit a wall? While many processes move completely towards automation, this can leave your remaining processes staggering.

Performance You Can Trust

Leveraging IRIS with your document processes significantly impacts how well your automation can successfully run. Its starts at the source.

Essentially, our approach manages common issues and prepares an easy bridge to digital data, worklows, retention, repositories, and more!

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Departments that can benefit in productivity include :

  • Student Records

  • HR/ Faculty Records

  • Accounts Payable

  • Endowment/Alumni

  • Registrar Office

A+ in Education Solutions

Our suite of solutions includes anything from out-of-the-box solutions like accounts payable to the most custom project you can imagine. We do anything in between.

Popular solutions in higher education include: Accounts Payable; Financial Forms, Human resources, Donations, Contracts, Transcripts, Student Placement, Student Records, Adjunt Documents, Testing, Intake Forms, Faculty Management…

Image Processing + HQ OCR


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Competitive Image Processing


IRIS Image Processing

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This is why we work with some of the best in the industry. Our partners are 5-star rated experts, dedicated to making sure your needs are met.

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