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Real Estate Industry

The real estate market is surging. The industry is currently in the midst of one of the biggest seller’s markets in history. The modern-day real estate market moves at the speed of light. You and your real estate firm need software solutions that can keep pace. The Readiris PDF management suite can help you streamline, digitize, and maximize your firm’s operations.

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Managing Your Documents

PDFs link the world together in profound ways. They make information sharing quick, easy, and painless. Sometimes you need to do more with a document than share it, though. That’s where Readiris PDF comes into play. From in-text editing to eSignatures and stamp overlays, Readiris PDF document platform gives you full control over your library of documents. Readiris PDF can help you mold critical documents to your specific need, including :

  • Marketing collaterals

  • Rental contracts

  • Leasing offers

  • Building design forms

  • Confidential client documentation

  • General work orders

  • Official offer documentation

Boosting Your Professional Profile With Readiris PDF

Real estate success is all about two things: client satisfaction and employee productivity. Success in these two categories means a more stable bottom line for your firms as a whole.

Readiris PDF management software is a feature-rich application that includes all the necessary PDF functions such as in-text editing, robust OCR and scanning capabilities, a wide variety of PDF conversion options (PDF to Word, Word to PDF and JPG to PDF), and PDF combination features. Real estate success is about adaptability. Give you agents the tools they need to thrive with Readiris PDF.

Digital Transformation

The days of the real estate agent bearing a portfolio of hardcopy documents are on the decline. Nearly every professional vertical imaginable, from healthcare to academics, is moving toward an integrated, cloud-based approach to information sharing, and the real estate industry is no different.

The Readiris PDF manager can help accelerate your firm’s digitization efforts, improving the portability of all your business-critical documents. The end result? Leaner, more adaptable agents with the tools necessary to close the deal.

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