Invoice processing in the cloud

IRIS Partner: ecm:one

IRISXtract on the d.velop cloud platform

ecm:one GmbH has gathered a wide range of expertise in the field of digitization for the last 21 years in previous activities and in many customer projects. More than 400 companies and over 10,000 users from various industries have been provided with Enterprise Content Management solutions. With ecm:one, ideas and solutions that were previously only available in a limited market are now available to everyone.

ecm:one installed IRISXtract on the d.velop cloud platform to provide invoice extraction services for datev. It offers the users comprehensive automatic invoice recognition, account assignment and integration into the DATEV program for financial accounting and d.velop documents . As a result, Invoice data is automatically read out and transferred to the right accounting fields. Furthermore, an extensive knowledge database with data from countless read out invoices,  saved in d.velop documents permanently, can be called up there any time.

We are very proud to have developed a cloud ready invoice input processing system. Thanks to the intelligent IRIS OCR, our customers can automatically read and assign their invoices. Through this optimization can be used efficiently.

Martin Odinius, CEO of ecm:one

Solution with:

  • Invoice data is read out via intelligent invoice recognition.
  • Invoices from e-mails can be imported directly.
  • A proper and GoBD-compliant archiving is guaranteed.