Adding Automated Capture in a Workflow Solution

Powerful Recognition

Blue 10 offers software solutions for digitizing and administrating diverse document workflows in companies and is specialized in digital invoice processing. Their customer base exists primarily of companies from the manufacturing, trade and transport industries. They are looking for a very simple solution. Thanks to the powerful recognition capabilities of the IRISXtract™ software in combination with Blue 10’s own document workflow solution, this is realized in one strong easy-to-use platform.

The customer receives the incoming invoices via email in a PDF-format or on paper. The paper invoices get scanned in and both these scans and the digital invoices get imported into IRISXtract™. There the necessary invoice data is extracted and transferred to Blue 10’s Invoice Management software. Then, the data is checked in a custom-built Verify, posted in the bookkeeping system for further financial processing and routed to the corresponding employee for approval via an electronic document workflow. Once approved, the invoice document gets saved to an archive where it is available for consultation.

Blue 10’s Invoice Management can both be realized as a production system at the customer or online in the cloud.

Integrating to make a better document workflow solution

Blue 10 chose IRIS as a partner because they want to focus on their core business: their document workflow solution. For the capture part of their document workflow solution, they prefer to integrate a solution from a partner specialized in this technology, and that’s IRIS.

IRIS’ technology is ahead of the competition and integrates easily into Blue 10’s own invoicing solution, which is a must. Additionally, IRIS provided a lot of support to integrate the IRISXtract™ software into Blue 10’s own platform.

Why we chose IRIS is because of the outstanding technology in comparison to the competitors and the possibility to integrate the software in our own invoice management solution.
Niels Van Buuren, CEO, Blue 10

Solution with:

Key facts

  • Easy integration
  • Cooperating with IRIS helped Blue 10 grow their customer-base from 10 to 120 in a few years.