IRIS supports a global leader in digital procurement transformation

Shelbys' use of IRISXtract™

The Shelby Group is a global leader in e-procurement platform implementation and optimization. They help companies achieve cost savings, reduce risk, and boost compliance with expertise and experience that runs deep. The integration of  IRISXtract™ into Coupa helps the Shelby Group to drive that optimization rapidly by providing an innovative, easy-to-use platform to power procurement programs for their customers. For the Shelby Group, Canon and IRIS work primarily in two geographical areas—the European Union and the United States—initially with specialized packages. Now the companies are implementing the solution for Asia-Pacific.

IRIS is a company that accumulates extensive experience through various projects throughout the world. This is the first thing that allows CBS France to build and use a robust and proven platform. Several million invoices are processed each year with IRISXtract™, a platform that makes it possible to absorb peaks through its flexibility. Hosted on the AWS environment the platform enables a scalable solution, which allows CBS France to absorb peak loads without any problems.

The advantages of IRIS technology

The challenge for the Shelby Group is to maintain the productivity without sacrificing quality. That’s why the company has three priorities. With IRISXtract™, the first priority is the completeness of the dictionaries and the keywords that identify an invoice in a document. This is important, no matter in which language. Second, there is the self-learning function, which makes it possible to automatically recognize similarities between a document and documents in the repository. And the third aspect is the barcode, which allow users to see quickly which fields are correct and which are incorrect, e.g. through colour coding such as green/red, so that they can focus specifically on the elements that are problematic. All of the named priorities can be easily completed by using IRIS technology.

Shelby chose Canon as its preferred partner, primarily due to its technological expertise and its operational assurances. The key factors in this decision were that IRIS is the leader in OCR technology and that Canon has a well-established reputation for operations. Through our strong partnership, we are rising to the challenge.

Arnaud Colignan, Head of Digital Invoice, The Shelby Group


Solution with:

  • Worldwide scope
  • Scalable solution absorbing peak loads
  • 24/7 access