Continuous process optimisation with IRIS Technologies 

TR-RESISCAN certified invoice processing

HGK is Germany’s leading purchasing and service association for the hospitality industry. With the use of IRISPowerscan™ and IRISXtract™, HGK offers its more than 3,000 member companies a fully automated process for accounts payable, among other things.

The overall process can be divided into three sections. First, scanning is performed with IRISPowerscan™ , followed by automatic document separation and data extraction with IRISXtract™. Last but not least, the iHQC compressed invoices are archived in accordance with TR-RESISCAN. This gives members the assurance that invoice processing at HGK is carried out according to high quality standards. To reproduce as accurate a representation of the original as possible, invoices are scanned in color and later compressed using iHQC. This saves storage space and facilitates communication with members. Subsequently, the documents and metadata are transferred to the DMS and accounting system for further processing.


Benefits of IRIS technologies

Due to the high level of automation provided by IRIS technologies, there is a great saving of time and an enormous increase in quality for the customers. Thanks to the iHQC compression of IRIS, only a small amount of storage space is required and the original document is also available to the members in color. By means of automated invoice separation, additional cost savings are achieved.

Changeover to the new IRISXtract™ system ran smoothly. Due to the usage of new Xtract modules, our invoicing process was able to be further optimised and, due to the free-text based invoice processing, more invoices could be taken into our processing system for the HGK-BackOffice without additional staff.

Subahar Parameswaran, IT Manager, HGK Hotel- und Gastronomie-Kauf eG

Solution with:

  • Up to 1 million pages processed per year
  • A reduction of over 90% of the processing time for members
  • Significantly higher quality