IRISXtract™ sdk quick and easy integration into SAP

IRIS-Partner: friendWorks



IRISXtract™ for Hybrid Forms Processing and Accounts Payable automation europe-wide

DKV Mobility Holding GmbH is a B2B mobility service provider operating throughout Europe with its headquarters in Ratingen. DKV Mobility has been on the market for around 90 years with currently around 259,000 active customers in more than 50 countries. DKV Mobility uses the IRISXtract™ automation platform to process, extract and check forms as well as purchasing invoices with a high degree of automation. The data acquired by IRISXtract™ is transferred to SAP for further processing. An extremely high degree of automation is achieved with a combination of free-form recognition and a template-based approach. Continuous improvements with the training function in IRISXtract™ yield constantly rising read results.


Benefits of IRIS technology

Thanks to the IRISXtract™ Solution DKV Mobility ensures a fast processing of large document volumes. The high degree of automation brings considerable cost savings in. The end-to-end SAP user interface for the invoice checking process is ensured thanks to the IRISXtract™ sdk. The solution brings process optimisation for 15 international branches europe-wide.

The decision to go with friendWorks and IRIS was based on the superiority of the IRISXtract™ solution as an innovative, high efficiency product platform that is able to quickly process forms and purchase invoices. Thanks to the high degree of automation, we were able to distinctly optimise the processes in our company and achieve additional cost savings.

Volker Weber, Senior SAP Project Delivery Coordinator, DKV Mobility Group

Solution with:

  • Cost savings
  • Process optimisation
  • 213,000 customers throughout Europe