Digitizing Legal Records

Stepping into the digital age while safeguarding confidentiality, security and traceability

Claeys & Engels is one of Belgium’s largest law firms and the first to offer a full service to both national and international clients on all aspects of human capital. As other legal professionals, they were constantly dealing with paper case files, reading court decisions, legislation and other regulations. It was time to switch to a system of scanned legal records.

The Digital Mailroom had to relieve this burden of working with paper documents, while at the same time safeguarding their confidentiality, security and traceability. The solution proposed by IRIS, based on the IRISPowerscan™ software, provides them with the perfect answer to those essential challenges.

Improving communication and collaboration with the digital mailroom

Things have moved on from the days of heavy paper files that were left at the secretarial offices, archives or the desk of a lawyer. The Digital Mailroom has fundamentally changed this by creating scanned legal records. All information that arrives is scanned in by IRISPowerscan™, processed and filed in digital folders.

Claeys & Engels can now advise clients faster, efficiently and to the point because the information is readily available. Moreover, it makes it easier for the lawyers. Since the digital files can be accessed via the internet, they can now work from home, at a client’s office or from court. All information is accessible anywhere any time, without disrupting the confidentiality.

As a result, people are able to work more flexibly and it facilitates team work. In spite of the fact that Claeys & Engels is organized in regions, communication and collaboration with lawyers based in a different region is now much easier. Digitizing legal records really brings added value to the quality of the service.

Advising clients faster, efficiently and to the point is much easier for us as the information is readily available and moreover, it makes matters easier for the lawyer. As soon as he or she has established an internet connection, he has access to the digital files. He is able to work from home, at a client’s office or from court. All information that he requires is accessible.
Patrick Maerten, Partner, Claeys & Engels

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Key facts

  • Safeguarding confidentiality, security and traceability
  • Improving communication and collaboration
  • Files no longer get lost