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IRIS Partner: Canon Netherlands

Handling HR documents in an organization with over 14.000 employees

Connexxion, the Dutch market leader in public and private passenger transport, was looking for an HR solution to process both internal (employment contracts, …) and external documents (Drivers licenses, ID cards …).

The digital mailroom solution offered by IRIS allows Connexxion to scan, classify and extract data from over 150 different document types.

In a first step, employees from 60 different administrative sites scan the documents using the scanning solution IRISPowerscan™, where they get separated and digitally signed. From there the documents are transferred to IRISXtract™, which identifies the document type (classification) and extracts the necessary meta data (indexation).

As these documents are of a confidential nature, a multi-level validation and approval flow has been worked out in IRISXtract™. Once validated and approved, the documents are stored on a central drive and the meta data with a link to the document is transferred via XML to the company’s ERP system: AFAS Profit.

Benefits of this Scanning Solution

  • The confidential nature of the documents is respected throughout the process and documented with a clear audit trail.
  • By automating the document process, Connexxion was able to reduce the overhead to a minimum. A cost reduction of 60% was achieved.

In total we process 250K documents annually for over 14.000 employees, scanning in the documents from ca. 60 locations and centrally managing the scan intelligence (classification and indexation). The installation of the digital mailroom by Canon Netherlands was concluded in September 2013. After evaluation, we can confirm that the project completely answers our needs. We especially appreciated the close collaboration during the installation phase and the limited time frame in which this was realized.
Fons Bonink, Information Manager Ambulance & Shared Services, Transdev

Solution with:

Key facts

  • Cost reduction of 60%
  • Document loss is reduced to 0%.
  • Document processing time went from 1 week to less than a day
  • Optimized bandwidth usage through compression