Intelligent Invoice Processing

IRIS Partner: Canon UK

Process optimization with automated invoice capturing

At the West Yorkshire Police, 42,000 invoices need to be processed a year. As the existing invoice processing solution they were using was no longer supported, they contacted Canon UK.

The Canon Accounts Payable capture solution powered by IRISXtract™ receives scanned images and e-mails via dedicated scanning equipment and/or a polled inbox. It extracts key index meta data (i.e. index or tagging data) which is then cross-referenced to enhance confidence of accuracy of document and data identification. If the document and key index meta data can’t be identified with confidence, the document gets routed to an operator for verification using the IRISXtract™ Verify. The meta data is then extracted to a format that can be ingested by the current Worktribe procedures to update its own data as a means of registering the documents to the business server.

Due to support/development no longer being provided by Worktribe, the new system presents this data in a way that requires no modification to the existing import.

Benefits of this Invoice OCR Capture Solution

West Yorkshire Police engaged Canon because the Microsoft support for their hardware and operating systems that were hosting the existing invoice processing solution was ending.

Upgrading the invoice processing system to the Canon Accounts Payable capture solution powered by IRISXtract™ and improving the internal processes that support the business function, significantly streamlined the process and ensured a high degree of automation.

Whenever advice or assistance was required at each stage Canon were available to help in a timely and understandable manner and knew the product and the technical specifics in great detail to set everything up. The staff who will scan and process invoices were easily able to understand and pick up the new way of working.

Mark Raynor, Head of Financial Operations, West Yorkshire Police

Solution with:

Key facts

  • Over 75,000 images processed annually
  • Back-end system, Proactis (via Worktribe)
  • Hosted in a secure environment