Electronic Invoice Processing in the manufacturing industry

IRIS Partner: Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH

IRISXtract™ and the XMailFetcher addon

ITT Cannon is a world leading Manufacturer in the fields of highly engineered harsh-environment connector and interconnect solutions. They receive a vast number of documents daily. These documents include Invoices, Purchase Orders, Credit Notes and Delivery Notes. Many of them are sent over by email in PDF or XML format.

After importing the emails to IRISXtract™ using the XMailFetcher addon the attached invoices are anaylzed through the Accounts Payable Application. Depending on their type, invoices are sent to two different workflows within IRISXtract™. On the one hand, e-invoices key indexes are fetched from the XML, completed with additional metadata captured by IRISXtract™ while a PDF file is created to allow future human reading. On the other hand, PDF invoices key indexes are captured using IRIS’ OCR-based AP solution. Thereafter, all invoices are sent over into the ERP system of ITT Cannon in one harmonized file format alongside their metadata.

Benefits of the solution

By harmonizing the import of e-invoices and PDF invoices ITT Cannon´s Accounts Payable efficiency could be increased. It also reduced the manual effort and increased the reliability and the quality of the document administration. By transforming their documents in digital format ITT Cannon could provide an easy access to their users and monitor their processes effortlessly.

The ability of IRISXtract™ to automate both e-invoices and PDF invoices in one combined Application helped us to improve our processes and reduce our daily workload drastically. IRIS intelligent document recognition technologies and their Accounts Payable expertise have been instrumental in the success of this project.

Jo-Ann Hanselmann, IT Manager Europe, ITT Cannon GmbH

Solution with:

  • Up to 120.000 images processed annually
  • Reducing processing time by over 80%