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Boosting efficiency, transparency and monitoring of internal processes with IRISXtract™

As the successor to Décolletage AG established in 1916, Grenchen-based Ypsotec has a long and rich history in turning long parts. In the last 15 years, the company has enlarged its scope of services to include turning short parts, milling, laser engraving, laser welding and module assembly. The company makes CNC-turned parts and milled components at sites in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. To reduce manual employee effort, consistently follow specified processes and minimise errors, invoice processing has been digitalised following successful digitalisation of contract management. The main goal was to capture invoices with IRISXtract™ quickly in a central location, process them efficiently and book them automatically, both at the headquarters in Switzerland and in another location in the Czech Republic.

Processing vendor invoices poses a major challenge to many companies now because controlling such processes is increasingly complex, and Ypsotec is no exception. Invoices were first captured and then approved, making reliable liquidity planning very difficult. A lack of clarity on invoice processing status and invoice location massively increased work effort for everyone involved. Invoice filing and associated archive management also created additional administrative effort. Central filing in the accounting department meant that queries about old invoices had to be handled by the accounting department, in some cases with very time-consuming searches.

New ways were needed to process the rising number of invoices in the Grenchen headquarters without additional resources. Ypsotec was looking for a solution that could significantly slim down its processes, was less error-prone, and ensured complete transparency on invoice status and location.

Benefits of IRIS technology

The altered and simplified work process gives Ypsotec employees a better overview of their invoices, supplier contracts and customer contracts. Immediately after receipt, invoices are available in digital form to authorised persons for uniform further processing and review.
Ypsotecs employees are satisfied and keen to work with the new solution «Paperless, traceable and user-friendly! The workflows and document storage in Therefore™ are very helpful and have become an essential part of our work», says Facility Manager Andreas Weber.
The share of invoices received by email has been boosted to over 80%, significantly reducing acquisition effort. All drawbacks of paper-based processing have been eliminated. For 95% of invoices eligible for discounts, the discount can be applied.

After successful rollout of the document management solution, it›s clear that the decision was correct. The support effort is low and the updates run smoothly on both the server and on the clients.

Patrik Meier, ICT Manager, Ypsotec AG

Solution with:

  • Massive reduction in paper invoices
  • The proportion of incoming email invoices has been boosted to over 80%, with nearly 100% automatic capture
  • Shorter lead time
  • Greater process transparency: discounts can be applied in 95% of all cases