Effective data capture to ensure an intelligent Hospital

IRIS-Partner: Canon Finland

Digitization of patient documentation with help of IRISXtract™

Hospital Nova (KSSHP) is a new hospital in Central Finland. It has served area’s citizens since January 2021 when it opened it doors. Hospital Nova’s special nursing services are provided by the Central Finland Health Care District Consortium. In connection to moving to new hospital, the customer identified the need to digitize old patient files. Patient files are important to have in a digital form so that
medical professionals can search and access the files easily. Patient security is also improved when all data is at handquickly and in a reliable manner when making medical decisions. In the first step the documents are scanned. Thanks to the Hybrid Forms solution of IRISXtract™ the documents are classified automatically and correct metadata is captured. Documents are exported to an electronic archive system with
the correct metadata.

Benefits of IRIS technology

Properly digitized information has decreased the time to find information to a minimum improving the effiency of health care personnel attending to a patient. Archive space was saved since documents are not saved in paper format. Patient data is digital format is supporting KSSHP compliance to GDPR regulations. Patient data disclosure with authorized officials is easier when all data is in digital format. Ensuring of data security and transparency.

Health care personnel at KSSHP need patient data daily and it is important for us to be able to access correct information as easy as possible. The results with IRISXtract™ are brilliant and helps us in patient work. Information that is in electronic format with assosiated metadata is improving patient safety and ensuring fluency of work.

Riitta Huusko, Director of Archive, Central Finland Health Care District

Solution with:

  • 4,8 million images per year
  • Security and Transparency
  • Saving time and costs