Automated invoice and delivery notes processing with IRISXtract™

IRISXtract™ meets PRO.FILE

Mattig Präzision in Austria offers state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. The precision parts are used primarily in the automotive and large diesel sectors, in medical technology, motor sports, the watch industry, in security and communication technology, as well as in general mechanical engineering. At Mattig Präzision, invoice and delivery note processing has been digitalised and automated with IRISPowerscan™ and the AI-based technology IRISXtract™.

Documents are imported directly from email or from a scan. The Digital transformation with IRISXtract™ enables easy import into PRO.FILE with bidirectionall connection to the ERP system (APplus). The IRISPowerscan™ scan client handles document separation and attachment classification. The verification takes place in the AP application of IRISXtract™ for automation of purchase invoices and delivery notes. The document data and metadata are imported into the DMS (PRO.FILE) and the invoice workflow in the ERP system.

Benefits of IRIS technology

Highly simplified handling of 3.1 inspection certificates according to DIN EN 10204. Time savings and quality boost (duplicates detection, fewer data acquisition errors). The documents can be viewed through an APplus integration and linked to the APplus document types. Paper archive no longer necessary. Easier compliance with payment goals and utilisation of discounts. Automatic linking of vouchers to orders, items and projects.

Thanks to IRISXtract™, the purchase invoice process has been significantly simplified and made less error-prone by various test routines and reference lists. We are very happy with the software and with the IRISPowerscan™ and IRISXtract™ technologies, and we have significantly improved our processes.

Roman Gratzer, Managing Director, Mattig Präzision GmbH

Solution with:

  • 12,000 pages per year
  • Quality boost
  • Time savings
  • Easy ERP platform integration