Processing HR Documents

Electronically processing HR documents while keeping "probative force"

Partena Professional, with around 1,800 employees and 32 branches, helps business entrepreneurs grow. They do this by offering help to set up a business, providing social security for self-employed and offering payroll and HR advice (social secretariat). The social secretariat provides assistance to companies about HR matters: calculating wages, obligations regarding declarations to the social security authorities, tax authorities and to various provident funds.

Partena’s ultimate objective was to be recognized by the appropriate federal public services as a fully paperless company with “probative force”. In order to achieve this, they needed to have complete traceability in their handling of incoming and outgoing mail. This means they needed to be able to follow the internal movement of a document at any time. Therefore, they chose to embark upon a process of digitalizing their mail. All incoming documents are now digitalized, key data is extracted and transferred to their ECM tool with the help of the IRISPowerscan™ scanning solution and the IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom.

Benefits of a fully digital HR document management

Partena conducted internal analyses to determine the posts on which they could save time, and thereby also achieve greater efficiency. This way, they managed to save half an hour per person. This half hour spent less on repetitive tasks, can be used for new value-added tasks. In a year and a half the initial investment will have paid for itself.

By electronically processing HR documents, they also saw an impressive reduction in print consumption. At the beginning of the operation, they were printing over 7,000 pages a day on average. Since then, ink consumption has fallen dramatically, which improved the return on investment and enabled Partena to become more ecologically responsible and reduce their impact on the environment.

We enjoy an excellent collaboration with IRIS. This allowed us from the very beginning to seek out the best and most effective solutions together. When we chose IRIS, users were impatient to have the solution. We have received very interesting and very enthusiastic reactions. I remember an e-mail sent by a team leader who said “it is one of the finest tools that the company has ever made available to users.”
Pierre Leclercq, Director Billing & Certification, Partena

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Key facts

  • Save half an hour per person
  • Investment paid back in 1.5 years
  • Ecologically responsible