Processing Personnel Files

Intelligent document processing software for HR firms

IRIS has installed a solution for the automatic processing of incoming personnel documents at Randstad, Germany’s leading temporary employment agency. For Randstad efficient business processes in the HR fuctions are of fundamental importance to maintaining a competitive advantage. Randstad therefore made a strategic decision to digitize the processing of personnel files with the help of IRISXtract™.

IRISXtract™ was able to provide convincing references and show proven experience in providing solutions for high volume incoming mail classification. The professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by IRIS gave Randstad the confidence they needed for a project of this scale.

Digital Mailroom Solution

A central element of this project was the introduction of a Digital Mailroom Automation Solution for the Randstad headquarters in Eschborn. There, more than 5 million pages of personnel files a year are automatically classified into over 300 different document types, indexed, extracted and passed on to the HR system “SAP Records Management”.

Using automatic classification, indexing and data capture of the incoming personnel mail, Randstad was able to significantly reduce the cost of the manual sorting and forwarding. It is now also able to distribute documents faster and support additional processing more effectively.

“The introduction of digital personnel files with automatic incoming mail processing is a central and strategic project for Randstad. With this solution for the automatic processing of incoming HR documents, we have completed the next step in efficiency and effectiveness in our core processes. The economic advantage for Randstad, in comparison to the past paper-oriented function, is immense”, says Werner Schultheis, ICT Director at Randstad.

Creating Digital Personnel Files with Automatic Incoming Mail Processing

The first step in the solution was installing the IRISXtract™ intelligent document processing software to handle the 3 million pages of personnel files per year. Then the system was configured to process and file more than 300 different document types according to the businesses requirements.

Incoming documents are scanned, automatically classified and indexed by IRISXtract™ according to the document type, then further data is automatically extracted. After that, the data is passed from IRISXtract™ to the HR system “SAP Records Management” for further processing. The document filing takes place in an IBM CommonStore Content Management System.

Randstad and IRIS upgraded the installation to also process incoming invoices, application files and payment advices. Furthermore, XMailFetcher was installed for the conversion of incoming emails and – nearly completely – the production database is in use.

For this reason the total volume of processed pages with IRISXtract™ at Randstad was upgraded to 5 million.

IRIS was chosen because their solution platform IRISXtract™ stood out as an innovative, highly efficient product platform – with the ability to cope with various kinds of documents.
Werner Schultheis, ICT Director, Randstad

IRIS is delighted with Randstad‘s confidence in the product. The installation at Randstad is a confirmation that IRIS is well positioned with IRISXtract™ for applications of this kind.
Manfred Traeger, Director Sales Service Industry, IRIS

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Key facts

  • Over 5 million pages of personnel files per year
  • Over 300 different document types