Intelligent Payroll Processing

IRIS Partner: Canon Germany

Automating business processes at Orizon, a personnel service provider

Around 7,500 temporary workers work for the personnel service provider Orizon via more than 80 branches in various industries. These locations have been relieved of the time-consuming payroll management and processing: Orizon has automated and centralized the entire business process with the OCR solution IRISXtract™ and Canon’s Océ COSMOS workflow engine. Today, the branches benefit from significant time savings and can concentrate more on their core tasks.

Centralizing payroll management to save time

Orizon is one of the ten largest personnel service providers in Germany. The market is constantly on the move and the turnover is high. Around 100,000 applications a year reach the company, which is always on the lookout for new employees. Orizon is represented in all relevant industries.

The more than 80 regionally-distributed branches paid the wages for the employees and invoiced the work performances to the local customers themselves. In addition to the payroll management and processing, numerous other documents had to be processed and added to the personnel files, e.g. sick leaves and vacation periods. “This administrative effort was high, so we wanted to relieve our colleagues in the branches of this burden and give them more time for their core tasks,” says Helmut Luichtl, Division Manager Central Service Team at Orizon in Augsburg. The objective was to digitize the processing of all payroll and personnel-related documents at more than 80 locations and transmit the data to the Augsburg headquarters. There, the information had to be further processed by the central service team. Corresponding forms had to be developed for this as well as automated workflows. Last but not least, this project required high-performance OCR software and a flexibly adaptable workflow engine. The long-term goal: In addition to payroll processing and invoicing, an Enterprise Content Management system is to be set up in the future.

high-performance OCR engine and a flexible workflow engine

“For many years, we have had good experiences with Canon’s multi-functional systems throughout our company, and this partnership has gone beyond the solution business, making Canon a partner who can be approached anytime.” says Helmut Luichtl. Together, both sides have developed the new structure: Today, all wage-relevant documents are presorted in the branches, scanned on the local Canon imageRUNNER systems and sent to the Augsburg headquarters of Orizon. Here, the IRISXtract™ OCR engine classifies the documents and passes them on to the internal ERP system.

For handwritten entries, such as time sheets, Canon has developed machine-readable form templates to Orizon’s specifications. Through Océ COSMOS, employees in the central service team receive continuous information about incoming orders and their status. During further processing, documents originating in Orizon’s ERP system are merged with the scanned documents. Barcodes on the documents ensure reliable monitoring.

Thanks to the steep learning curve of IRISXtract™, the degree of automation is very high today. In case of doubts about the plausibility of data, the employees of the service team are able to correct them at any time. “Most of the documents are automatically stored in the digital personnel file in this way, without us having to intervene manually, so Canon has implemented our specifications exactly,” says Helmut Luichtl.

Achieving growth through centralized payroll processing

Growth is one of Orizon’s stated goals. The market for personnel services, temporary staffing and project business is growing and, at the same time, highly competitive as good personnel is scarce. “By relieving our branches of routine tasks that are not productive, we create more freedom for our core business: marketing, sales and recruiting,” explains Helmut Luichtl. The Canon solution helps us expand and grow.

On the other hand, there is also a direct economic effect: at each one of the more than 80 branches there were one or multiple employees responsible for settling wages and billing at larger sites. Today, this task is taken over by the service team at the headquarters, supported by the progressive automation of Canon’s solution. “This results in high cost savings both in the branch offices and in the entire company, and we have a global overview of the processes optimized today”, says Helmut Luichlt.

He is certain: “With the opportunities that Océ COSMOS offers us, we will create even better development opportunities with Canon in the future; increasingly automating time-consuming business processes and generating added value for us.” Also planned is a detailed reporting, which then provides information on process times, among other things. Based on the Canon solution, Orizon plans to make decision-relevant information easier and faster available for management.

With Océ COSMOS and IRISXtract™, we save costs throughout the company and relieve our branches of unproductive routine tasks. This leaves more time for the core business, especially for the time-consuming recruitment of personnel. That, in turn, supports our goal of expansion. Canon has provided us with a valuable component in this process and will continue to be our partner in process optimization in the future.
Helmut Luichtl, Division Manager Central Service Team, Orizon GmbH

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  • Centralized payroll processing of 80 branches
  • High degree of automation
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