Data Capture Software for Outsourcing Centers and Resellers

Process automation on-premise or via outsourcing centers

TACT Group is active in document imaging and data capture in Canada. They have 4 divisions active in different business segments: consulting, business process outsourcing, value added reselling and web development. They offer their clients on-premise solutions as well as outsourcing services.

Their customers are primarily government agencies, education and healthcare institutions, small and medium businesses looking for a way to automate processes in a paperless way. TACT Group offers them a holistic solution capturing information and data from documents with the IRISXtract™ data capture and form recognition software.

TACT Group's outsourcing centers

The process starts when the boxes with documents are received in the outsourcing centers. There the documents are prepared for scanning and scanned to IRISXtract™. Key data is captured, quality control is done and the documents are moved to a digital archiving system.

During the entire process the security and confidentiality of the documents and data is guaranteed.

Strong partnership

To TACT Group, IRIS is a reliable partner they can count on for support along the way.

We share the same values. We are customer-oriented. We provide solutions, not products. We support people, not equipment.

The long-standing relationship of more than 10 years speaks for itself. Our sales team and engineers in the US support TACT in winning new customers with powerful capturing solutions to expand our joint process automation business in North America.

Instead of just capturing documents and images of documents, we are now involved, thanks to the relationship with IRIS, in capturing information or data on those images or on those documents. And that gives us a much more stronger value statement to our clients.
Ray Patterson, Vice President, Docucom Digital Inc (Tact Group)

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Key facts

  • Long-standing partnership of over 10 years
  • High security and confidentiality standards
  • Customer-oriented