Digitizing Student Records

Intelligent capture to automate school and student records management

YellowFolder captures and digitizes Student Records, Human Resource Records, Special Education Records, and Administrative Records (Finance and Operations) at school districts across the United States.

After scanning the different documents, they are classified and indexed within the IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom. The files are then tagged with meta data, verified and transferred to a cloud-based Electronic Records Management (ERM) system. Students and employees can log in to this ERM system to access the files at any given time.

Classification is done to store documents according to their class and the affected student/employee file. A full-text analysis and indexing is done to allow easy retrieval with keyword search.

Helping schools go paperless with the Digital Mailroom

Before the partnership with IRIS, all of the classification and tagging of documents was done manually. The automation of this process has enabled YellowFolder to increase productivity by more than 200%, while maintaining the highest standards for accuracy.

Automation has enabled YellowFolder to help more schools go paperless and become more efficient in providing their services to the children.

YellowFolder partnered with the IRIS team several years ago and we’ve never looked back. By working together with the IRIS team, YellowFolder has become the pioneer in the industry. We’re always looking at new ways to improve our processes and listening to our customers so we can continue to provide a world-class service, with the best software available to our schools, because in the end… it’s really all about the kids.
Mike Nilsson, COO, YellowFolder

Solution with:

Key facts

  • Processing 3 times faster
  • Up to 1 million images processed weekly
  • Used by thousands of people within hundreds of districts
  • Hundreds of different document types