Smart automated classification with IRISXtract™

Process automation for vehicle files

Motor Nützel, one of the largest car dealers in Germany, was looking for an automated incoming mail solution for documents such as contracts, registration documents, warranty and goodwill documents. IRIS Digital Mailroom enables Motor-Nützel to scan, classify and extract data from more than 40 different types of documents. On a daily basis, the artificial intelligence of IRISXtract™ classifies 600+ documents, places them in the right vehicle files and archives them. Barcodes on the documents ensure reliable control. If there is any question about the plausibility of the data, employees can intervene at any time. The next digitisation project with IRISXtract™ is already in the pipeline, so that even more processes can be automated at Motor-Nützel Vertriebs-GmbH.

Benefits of IRISXtract™

The automated recognition rate with IRISXtract™ is over 90%. Also a higher transparency and faster availability of documents in the entire company is provided. Thanks to the process optimisation, costs are being saved compared to manual processing.

At our 13 locations we process several hundred documents every day. Uniform classification and assignment of these documents to the respective vehicle files is crucial to offering our customers the best possible service in terms of quality and speed. Thanks to smart automatic document classification with IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom, we can achieve this, and it frees up time for our employees to focus even more on our customers.

Gerhard Peipp, IT Manager at Motor-Nützel Vertriebs- GmbH

Solution with:

  • Up to 180,000 processed pages per year
  • Recognition rate over 90%
  • High process optimisation